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Silvia Claudia Starczewski

I am a free thinker, lover of life, people, stories and life stories. I am a curious child of the Universe and a bright spirit who aims to help those who are ready to enhance their life! Currently I am doing this as a Bowen Therapist.

An intense past taught me to appreciate the bliss of my current reality.

I am and always have been a people focused individual. I thrive on understanding, supporting, and encouraging others. I love making things happen for people, and get my best personal satisfaction from this.

Working with the general public for over 20 years in three different countries has given me plenty of experience in dealing with people of various cultures and walks of life. I have been told many times over that my thoughtful, compassionate and gentle nature puts people at ease reassures them that they are being treated with utmost respect and care.

I turned my world around after being diagnosed with Crohn's Disease in 2013.

Oh, the signs were there for many, many years, during which time I ignored, silenced and suppressed them all with great skill. Eventually the signs became louder and louder so I could finally hear them and address both symptoms and causes. I have been pill and symptom free since May 2014 and I manage my condition mainly through nutrition and hydration, Bowen and mindfulness (add to that a good helping of love and self awareness).

Bowen Technique and SCD nutrition saved my life! They helped me to embark on the journey of becoming a Bowen Practitioner, so I can share my knowledge and skills with the world, in order to make it easier for those who might find themselves in time of need like I once was.

I am always keen to evolve my skills and I regularly research, attend classes and webinars in order to learn and update my knowledge. I am bound by the strict code of ethics of The Bowen Association UK.

Accreditations and diplomas:

  • Bowen Therapeutic Technique Proficiency Diploma
  • Full Member of Bowen Association UK
  • Full Member of The Bowen Academy of Australia
  • Level 3 ITEC Diploma in Anatomy and Physiology - graduated with Distinction (94%)
  • QA Level 3 Award in First Aid At Work
  • Full Member of Bowen Therapy Professional Association


Please read my public profile on LinkedIn to see my full professional history

As a personal statement, I want you to know that when you choose me as your Bowen therapist, you do not get only Bowen skills and technique, you can rest assured that my life time experience, my empathy, my enthusiastic desire to support you and enhance your life to the best of my powers, are always part of the deal.

Silvia Claudia Starczewski

Rise and Shine with Bowen at "Nolidon Healing Room"

Normandy Crescent, Radcliffe, Lancashire, M26 3TD

07891 890 608