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Scientific research is ongoing and further research is needed to systematically test this relatively new modality.

Double blind tests, randomized tests and feasibility studies are extremely costly to ensure accuracy and they are bound by a myriad of criteria and strict rules. If you are a medical body interested in performing any of the above, please contact myself or The Bowen Association UK, we would always be keen to hear from you!

Until today, feedback from hundred of thousands of cases over the past 45 years cannot be ignored and even if further research is necessary to prove it, Bowen is an amazing pain management and remedial tool and is more likely to induce a positive response for people who may seem to have reached the end of rehabilitative options in both chronic and acute cases.

Of course that as a Bowen practitioner as well as a satisfied client, I am biased regarding the efficacy of this incredible technique, so I invite you to do your own research and most of all, try it for yourself and witness which would take extremely long pages to scientifically quantify!

There are thousands of articles on the internet and published material which described and analyzes this technique, however if you are interested in facts and data, please have a look at some data I put together regarding Bowen Technique in a scientific context.

Hamstrings injuries

Frozen Shoulder

Stroke Study Case

Epilepsy Study Case

Baby Colics

* I am in no way associated or affiliated with any of the people that I mention in my "Resources" or "Research" links, I am just impressed and humbled by their stories and the impressive research and life experience that goes into their work!

All of them have positively influenced me and inspired me and I want to share this with you! Due diligence was applied in selecting the information on this website, but no guarantees as to accuracy or authenticity are made.

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