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★ Google "organic food" and find stores in your area, the ethos behind it and online shopping and/or cafes to chose when you go out

★ Watch this amazing film "Fat, sick and nearly dead" which will inspire you to start juicing and contemplate how health really is possible! Google more about Joe Cross and his story -

★ Learn more about histamine issues – could this be relevant to what the doctors could not figure out about your condition? -

★ Eat well and heal yourself in the process! Do it for a little while to re-boot yourself or decide to stick with it -

★ Learn more about detox and raw vegan nutrition as a path to total health -

★ This is an amazing website regarding children with various health issues and how you can nurse them back to health through nutrition -

★ Go to Youtube and search for Abraham Hicks. I am filled with gratitude for their teachings!

★ Learn more about your personality type and how your preferences influence how you think and behave through psychological tools:

★ Get inspired with Louise Hay and learn more about positive affirmations -

★ Discover EFT as a way to link the healing power between energy and thoughts -

★ Check Teal Swan on Youtube -

★ Check Ralph Smart on Youtube -

★ Read and learn anything you can from enlightened people like Jiddu Krishnamurti, Eckhart Tolle, Pema Chödrön, Osho, Byron Katie, Caroline Myss, Mooji to name a very, very few.

★ Look into "Holosync" solution to enhance your stress threshold and rewire your brain -

★ Search on Youtube "binaural beats and 432hz music"

★ Get inspired -

★ Heal your past and forgive with Brandon Bays -

★ Improve your posture with the Alexander Technique -

★ Create goals with soul -

★ Investigate your reality -

* I am in no way associated or affiliated with any of the people that I mention in my "Resources" or "Research" links, I am just impressed and humbled by their stories and the impressive research and life experience that goes into their work!

All of them have positively influenced me and inspired me and I want to share this with you! Due diligence was applied in selecting the information on this website, but no guarantees as to accuracy or authenticity are made.

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